The project implementation will have the following results:

  • increasing the quality of life of victims of domestic violence
  • operation improvement for social protection center for victims of domestic violence
  • arranging and equipping the center suits the type of beneficiaries (children and adult victims)
  • offering an alternative model of care, care that respects the identity, integrity and dignity
  • alignment with international standards in social care by creating and diversified services team
  • increasing personal autonomy and social and socio-professional re-insertion of beneficiaries
  • a program beneficiaries reflect the need parental education center
  • public awareness and media coverage of this type of project
  • reducing the risk of domestic violence and social marginalization
  • taking over the project by the Specialised Public Service
  • providing a management model for community participation and public / private partnership.

Further results expected:

  • stimulating the involvement of local authorities in carrying out activities in protection of adults at risk and to promote the inclusion of various vulnerable
  • collaboration with NGOs offering support through parenting to minimize the chances of relapse
  • improving access to specialized information, training and specialization of public service professionals.

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